Packaging Stewardship Works

All of us want to recycle responsibly and expect industry and government to do their part to manage packaging waste.

A Packaging Stewardship Program is the solution. Packaging Stewardship makes packaging producers responsible for what happens to packaging after it is sold and used and will ensure we build and maintain a safe and efficient recycling system.

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Support Packaging Stewardship legislation.

HB36 will create a Packaging Stewardship system in Maryland, where packing producers pay a small fee to build and fund recycling and composting infrastructure to manage discarded packaging responsibly. With oversight from local and state officials, a Packaging Stewardship system will allow the state and industry to align on a unified plan to mitigate Maryland’s packaging waste sustainably.

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Support HB36

HB36 will create a sustainable system with a coordinated vision to reduce waste through a Packaging Stewardship program.

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