A Packaging Stewardship Program is the Solution

Americans want to recycle packaging responsibly and expect industry and government to do their part in managing package waste. We have an opportunity to address this need with a coordinated response involving local and state governments, consumers, and industry. Together we can build a safe, efficient, self-sustaining recycling system.

Facilitated by state and local oversight, Packaging Stewardship Programs make packaging producers financially and managerially responsible for what happens to packaging after it is sold and used.

How Does It Work?


Recycled packaging is processed and made into usable material for new packaging.

Make Packaging

Manufacturer makes packaging to be used to carry and package products.

Use Packaging

Producer uses packaging to get product to consumer.

Evolving Recycling System

Nonprofit Packaging Responsible Organization (PRO) collects fees from producers and makes investments in recycling infrastructure.

Product Use

Consumer uses the product and recycles packaging.

Why Does Packaging Stewardship Work?


Packing producers pay a small fee when their products are used, which they provide to a non-profit Packaging Stewardship Organization (PSO) that is charged with building and managing recycling infrastructure.


With funding and a PSO to manage the process, industry can develop recovery and processing infrastructure.


Local government provides the PSO with guidance and oversight, while industry, through the PSO, implements the system, aligning all stakeholders under one unified plan that meets the needs of the community.

How Does a Packaging Stewardship Program Improve Our Recycling System?


Recycling more packaging will reduce waste and decrease the amount of material needed to produce new packaging. When we reduce, we all win.


The more we recycle, the more we protect our natural resources. That means fewer materials are required to produce new packaging and less waste ends up in landfills, the ocean, and nature.


Stewardship helps reduce our reliance on raw materials to make new products. An improved recycling system also prevents pollution by reducing discarded waste and the collection new raw materials.


When we improve our recycling system, we save the energy that would have been used to produce new materials and reduce their impact to our environment.

We Must Act Now!

Tell your legislators to improve our recycling system and support Packaging Stewardship legislation today.

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